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Hair Dryer In Pakistan

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Hair Dryer In Pakistan

Hair Dryer Price: 3000/- PKR

You can see and feel the difference as your hair will become shiny, glossy, smooth and healthy.

There are a lot of hidden secrets result the home blow drying to get a salon look, no matter the hair is straight, curly or wavy styles. As we know, the blow hair drying looks like a simple undertaking, but if you want to get a super sleek straight look like a professional work in salon, you should use the right styling products and right size brushes (the right size brush can conjunct with the blow dryer more better for your desired result), and take lots of practice.
The secrets getting a super sleek straight hair by blow drying are air flows, using some styling tools, the right hairstyling products, balance dampness and practice.

Air flow should be directed down along the hair, so you must make sure the nozzle of the blow dryer above your head during whole process. Fix the hair dryer on the wall or a shelf over the top of your head, and make sure it could direct the air flow down along your hair. Beside the air flow direction, alternate the air types is also important. Use heat air flow at the beginning to open the hair's cuticle to make it can be formed easily, and use cool air flow at last for styling.

Usually, use a hair brush during the blow drying process. Fix the hair section which you want to dry with the brush, then directing air flow along the hair from top to down. Hair brush could covers the most hair territory at one time and cuts down the drying time. If possible, use a hair dryer with an air concentrator, it's good for a stick straight effect. In additional, using some prep hairstyling products can encourage a better result.

Moist the 2 sides of your hair equally is another important key. When you are blow drying one side, and if the other side has been dried already, just re moist it by using a sprits bottle of moisture and then blow dry.

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Price : 3000/-PKR